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Posted: May 3, 2016

Phase 2 trail work finishes with placement of bridges

Photos submitted
Photos submitted

Trails BC is pleased to report that on Tuesday morning, with the support of the BC Wildfire Service-Cranbrook Fire Attack Base, a nine-man crew helped with the placement of three bridges on the Mayook section of the Cranbrook to Wardner Trail.

The aluminum bridges, two 20 ft. and one 24 ft., were high lined in by helicopter to Arnold, Cameron and Thos Creek.

Trail Project Manager Neil Shuttleworth commented: “We are pleased that we could partner with the BC Wildfire Service on this aspect of the project. This allows us to maintain a more natural looking trail than if we had to skid the bridges in. We also like to thank Andre Chalabi and Marc Trudeau from the base for their assistance and coordination in today’s efforts.”

Wardner Trail Pha2An additional bridge will be soon placed at Mayook Creek but with that one in closer proximity to a forestry road, it will be skidded in.

“This significant achievement of trail development pretty well closes off Phase 2 work of the project. We are happy with the progress that has taken place over the last year, and are looking forward to completing the project by next year in Phase 3,” said Trails BC director Al Skucas.

Trails BC thanks their funding partners for their financial support for Phase 2. Contributions came from the Trans Canada Trail, Columbia Basin Trust, Rec Sites and Trails (province), National Trails Coalition, BC Hydro and local donors.

Wardner trail phase2Phase 2 saw resurfacing of the rail trail for 3.5 km near Wardner as well as a short section at the Isadore Canyon Trailhead. Three kilometres of rail trail rehabilitation was started at Ha Ha Road.

The Mayook section, which is 17 km long and requires all brand new trail, was started with four km completed and gravelled with another nine km started. A 1.3 km section of new trail was also completed at Steamboat Hill.

Wardner Trail p2Trails BC is currently in the process of attempting to finalize funding for Phase 3 of the project.

“Although we have a significant amount of funding confirmed for Phase 3, we are still needing dollars to be able to complete the project,” Skucas said.

Depending on funding, the trail will be complete in time for Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation on July 1 of 2017 which also coincides with the Trans Canada Trail’s objective of having the national trail connected by then.

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