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Posted: September 16, 2016

Pinewood re-opens Monday

Pinewood Elementary School students and staff will be back in their school this Monday, September 19.

“As was reported earlier, during the installation of a rooftop heating and ventilation unit, there may have been a release of a hazardous material. We immediately enacted the Emergency Management Plan and engaged the services of an Environmental Consultant to investigate and test for any hazardous material and handle any cleanup. During this time, it was necessary to close the school,” a School District No. 5 (SD5) press release noted.

“The test results revealed that the material did contain trace amounts of asbestos of less than one percent. Further testing confirmed that the material did not spread beyond the area of release of the mechanical room, gym and roof. It is important to note that the visual inspection did not reveal the presence of any material on the gym floor as it was covered during construction.

“A hazardous materials management company was hired on the advice of our Environmental Consultant who coordinated and implemented the immediate clean- up of these areas. As a further precaution, a complete “super” clean will be done in the rest of the school,” SD5 reported

“Our consultant has advised us that a staged re-occupancy certificate will be issued this afternoon that will enable our staff and students to return to school. The gym has been properly sealed off until the cleaning is complete this weekend. The

Consultant will monitor and inspect throughout the weekend to ensure everything is completed to satisfaction.

“We continue to work closely with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer and WorkSafe BC.

“On behalf of the Board of Education of School District 5, thank you to the Pinewood Elementary School community for your patience and understanding in this difficult situation. The safety of our students and staff will always remain our number one priority.”


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