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Posted: March 4, 2021

Pink Shirt Day generates $11,657 for Not Alone Campaign

Since 2013, Sidekick Stickers has been a huge force when it comes to Pink Shirt Day. This is a day dedicated to anti-bullying across the nation.

Each year Sidekick produces pink shirts and sells them to the public. They donate the proceeds to a local cause. Since 2013 they have donated over $41,000 to Big Brothers and Sisters, SD5 Gary Straight Alliance Groups, and the Cranbrook Women’s Resource Centre. This year they chose the East Kootenay Foundation for Health’s (EKFH) Not Alone Campaign.

The East Kootenay showed up to support in record numbers raising $11,657 for the Not Alone Campaign.

Brenna Baker, EKFH Executive Director commented, “We are so grateful for Jason and his team at Sidekick Stickers. I know that it was a huge amount of work for them and we appreciate all that they do for our community. Thank you to everyone who purchased a pink shirt to bring awareness to Anti- bully day! These funds are going to such an important project!”

The Not Alone Campaign is raising $1.4 million to bring Foundry to the East Kootenay. Foundry will be a walk-in health and wellness centre for youth ages 12-24 seeking help, primarily for mental health and substance use. Services such as primary care, counselling, and peer support will be brought together with social services that include employment and education resources under one roof. For youth there will be no waitlists. No having to repeat their story multiple times. They will access help the day they walk through the doors.

  •  300,000 youth in B.C. – one in five – need mental health or substance use services;
  •  Of those, as few as 25% receive the care they need;
  •  Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people in Canada;
  •  75% of mental illness begins before age 25.

Information and contributions to the campaign can be made by donating online at, calling 250- 489-6481, or mailing a donation to East Kootenay Foundation for Health, 13 24th Ave N. Cranbrook BC, V1C 3H9.

Lead image: at Sidekick Stickers’ Jason Hawke, Jen Ross and EKFH’s Brenna Baker. Photo submitted


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