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Posted: November 28, 2018

Please be aware of thin ice: city

Almost two weeks ago the City of Cranbrook issued an alert to the public noting that ice is beginning to form on city waterways and urged people to stay off the thin ice.

Recent activity at Idlewild Lake has the city concerned some residents did not heed the warning.

“The safety of our residents is of paramount importance,” said city Corporate Communication director Chris Zettel, who re-distributed the Nov. 15 alert today (Nov. 28) with a request of local media to re-share it.

With the colder temperatures upon us, ice is beginning to form on both lakes at Idlewild Park and Elizabeth Lake, along with Joseph Creek and other local water bodies. Thin ice creates many dangers for children who may be unaware.

It is important for parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of thin ice, and to please stay off the ice until it is at least six inches thick. It is important that adults lead by example and please stay off the ice, too. It is also recommended that you keep your pets away from open water bodies and thin ice, as it is important for their safety.

Public Works will be working to install outdoor rinks again this winter around the City as both temperatures and weather allow.

Lead image: A hockey net sits close to thin ice and open water on Idlewild Lake. Photos courtesy Stewart Wilson


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