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Posted: May 8, 2017

Protesters outline benefit of cannabis dispensaries

Two Kootenay East candidates take part

The second Saturday in May marks the Global Marijuana Marches worldwide. Started by Dana Beal out of New York over a decade ago, other cities have followed suit and this is the first year Cranbrook has participated.

Protesters in front of Cranbrook City Hall on Saturday, May 6. Photos submitted

Organized by Tamara Cartwright and sponsored by East Kootenay Cannabis Club, the event was held at Cranbrook City Hall on Saturday, May 6 at 1 p.m.

Signs stating “Dispensaries are Indispensable,” “Patients Matter” and “Do you buy your tomatoes by mail order?” were some of the messages the group wanted to get out to the provincial candidates as well as City of Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt.

Kootenay East provincial election candidates Yvonne Prest of the Green Party (above pictured right with Tamara Cartwright ) and Keith Komar, Libertarian (above pictured left), joined in with the protesters. Randal MacNair (BC NDP) had a previous engagement and Tom Shypitka (BC Liberal) didn’t respond to the email invitation.

The two attending candidates agreed there is a much-needed call for dispensaries throughout the Kootenays, with two running in Kimberley and eight in Nelson. The message was clear that one or more is needed in Cranbrook.

Patients have to either drive or wait for mail orders from the licensed producer and organizer Tamara Cartwright says that is not acceptable.

“Patients who live on disability don’t drive or don’t have the ability to get to either place; with the population here we also would be putting back to the local community. When I go to Kimberly to buy meds I also hit the Platzl and buy from their stores. Wouldn’t Cranbrook benefit from my money staying in my own community? It would also bring business into our local economy and give the patients here better access. As well, there are no doctors signing in Cranbrook. Why?” Cartwright asked, adding the Canadian Therapeutic Cannabis Partners Society will be opening a storefront clinic in the near future.

About 20 people in total attended the demonstration.

This will be the first of many more events to occur, with the next being Cannabis Day on July 1.

“We want to let Cranbrook know that we are here, and we aren’t going away!” Cartwright said.


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