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Posted: June 30, 2021

Public asked to follow water restrictions

The Phillips Reservoir, where the City of Cranbrook draws most of its drinking water, is currently sitting at capacity even during this unprecedented heat wave, which is good news.

But that does not mean that further water restrictions are out of the question as the summer moves on. If the current heat wave is extended or we see a significant drop in water levels at the reservoir additional restrictions may be required.

Normal year-round restrictions for outdoor water use are in effect: even numbered properties can water Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, while odd numbered properties can water Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 4 to 11 .m. or 7 to 11 p.m. No one can water on Wednesdays.

Even with current restrictions, we ask our water users to minimize outdoor water use to only what you absolutely need. Do not water in the heat of the day and use manual or automatic sprinklers that create large drops of water that stay low to the ground to help reduce evaporation.

Public Works will continue to monitor things closely and will let the public know of any changes, as we move through the summer.

For more information around water conservation.

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City of Cranbrook

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