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Posted: June 3, 2022

Public hearing set for 582 unit project proposal

City of Cranbrook council set the stage for a June 13 public hearing for an official community plan (OCP) and zoning amendment application to facilitate subdivision and development of a range of housing forms with a proposed buildout density of approximately 582 dwelling units.

Council gave second reading to a proposed OCP amendment and first reading to a proposed zoning amendment (Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 4088, 2022 & Zoning Bylaw Amendment No. 4089, 2022- Wildstone Heights – Echo Field Road) May 30 to allow changes to the land-use designation and zoning of a property on Echo Field Road, as part of Wildstone Heights.

A city Engineering and Development Services report outlines there will be little cost to the city from the proposed development.

“As this development is being proposed by a private entity, all costs associated resulting from development including servicing, road construction and offsite improvements would be required to be borne by the developer and are typically outlined in a development agreement between the applicant and the city,” the report to council noted.

“However, improvements to Echo Field Road may be advanced and undertaken by the city through the Capital Works Program to coincide with the development. The only expected direct cost to the city would be related to the oversizing of the utilities (water and sewer) to ensure capacity for future needs. The actual cost is not known at this time as it will require detailed review once the city has received a servicing study from the applicant. It is staff’s understanding that this study is currently under review.”

The proposal provides for up to 582 units in various housing types utilizing different residential products and price points including duplex, fourplex, apartment/condo units as well as single family dwellings.

“The proposed development is intended to cater to the active outdoor lifestyle with features such as parks, walking trails, proximity to rails-to-trails and Wildstone golf course,” the staff report said.

“The 44.14 acre property is one the few relatively flat and serviceable parcels of that size available in Cranbrook making it a good candidate for the more efficient use of the land for higher density and more diverse housing types and forms which may be more complementary to the Wildstone neighbourhood plan and better addresses the OCP and Housing Study than the previous proposal considered by council,” the report added.

The public hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Monday, June 13.

See the full city report including some letters from the public.


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