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Posted: February 11, 2020

RCMP cell block, security work under budget ‘so far’

City of Cranbrook council received an administration update Feb. 10 concerning the RCMP Cell Block and Secure Booking Area upgrade work, which is nearing completion under budget.

“The RCMP Cell retrofit was comprised of the removal and rebuilding of five holding cells as well as construction of a new guard room and secure booking area to current RCMP standards. Currently six cells are functional with the remaining three cells waiting on delivery of CCTV cameras which are required before occupation,” the administration report noted.

“In addition to the original project the RCMP has requested an Intox room, Livescan room, Secure Interview room, Prisoner Effects room and Supply Storage room, which were not part of the original scope but will be completed as part of this project.

“At a December 2017 meeting between the city and the RCMP, Public Works was directed by the CAO to proceed with the city as the general contractor and utilize in-house labour to offset the additional cost.

“At that time Public Works proposed a total budget of $627,000. Currently the majority of materials have been purchased with the remainder utilizing the existing budget. Public works labour is in addition to the budget.

“Estimated completion date for the project is March 2020.”

The report concludes outlining the budget status as of December 31, 2019: “Encumbered $409,605; Public Works Labour $162,505; Total $579,255.”

Mayor Lee Pratt noted, “Looks like we’re under-budget so far.”

Cranbrook RCMP Sgt. Chris Dodds reported the detachment cell blocks handle about 850 prisoners a year.


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