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Posted: July 29, 2020

RCMP investigating fake rental scam

Cranbrook RCMP has been notified of a person “renting” a property that they did not own.

On July 28, a local resident attended the office to report a rental scam. She advised that she had been in touch with a person from Washington who “owned” a property in Cranbrook and was wanting to rent it out.

She received a photo of the deed to the residence along with identification of the person renting the house. Our caller was then asked to send money before she viewed the property, in order to secure the residence.

She did not pay any money but went to the residence and spoke with the real owner. The residence was not for rent and she was the second person who attended to try to rent the space.

“Scammers are going online, finding houses for sale, and posing as the owners in order to get cash. We want potential renters to know that they should not give out any money before viewing a property in person and ensuring the person showing the house or apartment proves ownership,” said Cst. Katie Forgeron of Cranbrook RCMP.


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