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Posted: October 11, 2015

Rise above differences to unite the left

Letter to the Editor

While Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada marches on to war, championing Jerusalem, fabled site of the rumoured-to-be-imminent ‘Armageddon,’ reaping $15 billion of lucrative profits from it’s weapons industry sales to Saudi Arabia, the ‘left’ rallies to defeat this climate-change denying, fossil-fuel dependent, economically dead-end free-market philosophy.

Stripping legal rights from Canadian citizens, while granting corporations greater rights to sue Canadian citizens for protecting their resources and livelihoods is not okay. This reformulated Harper Conservative Party is an aggressive lackey of the global corporate resource-stripping economic system. There is no loyalty to Canada, its citizens, nor concern for its well-being and future.

Who among us is not sick with dread that the ‘left’ will sabotage our own goal to reinstate Canada’s integrity and environmental stability, with well-meaning but short-sighted idealistic reasons resulting in splitting the left vote?

We ‘left’ must unite, in a recognized short-term co-operative effort, to defeat Harpers’ government. At the Nelson Kootenay-Columbia riding’s all candidates debate,(Conservative Royalty Wilks disdaining), Don Johnston, Liberal candidate suggested: “What about a tripartite system? What if we were the government?” The audience roared with approval! Once a ‘left party’ is governing, all the parties can debate the merits of different approaches respectfully, and collaborate.

Let’s make sure the left unifies to commit to this long recovery process of participatory Canadian democracy and global stability. Wayne Stetski, Bill Green and Don Johnston, please rise above your differences, to unite the left!

Susan Eyre,


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