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Posted: February 5, 2021

Rockies Film Festival offering documentary virtually

The Rockies Film Festival is delighted to announce a virtual cinematic offering – a first in its history for those who can stream or watch on their devices.

The documentary ‘Some Kind of Heaven’ will become available from Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. and stay available for one week.

At The Villages, often called the “Disneyland for Retirees,” we meet four residents living on the margins, striving to find happiness. From  synchronized swimming to pickleball, the good life is waiting, as well as a discounted funeral package now at a new, lower price.

While most residents have bought into the community’s packaged positivity, married couple Anne and Reggie wrestle with Reggie’s deteriorating grip on reality and psychedelic drug use; Barbara, a widow, seeks second love; and Dennis, an 82-year-old bachelor living out of a van, searches for a wealthy woman to take care of him for his remaining years.

Though the film “illustrates the gap between The Villages’ advertising copy and the practical reality of living there,” Some Kind of Heaven invests more in the “dreams and desires of its residents.
Access the following link for full details, the trailer and ticketing information.


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