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Posted: October 12, 2018

Rockies Rowing Club completes another busy season

The weather has turned, the leaves are changing colour and dropping to the ground. To sit in the middle of Jimsmith Lake, in a rowing scull at this time of year, offers a picture of trees in their varying hues and the stunning snow capped Rockies in the back ground, Fisher Peak right in the middle of the scene.

Calm water prevails. It is no wonder that rowers love this season.

It has been a busy time for competitive rowers this year but it is getting closer to hanging up oars for the winter as we can feel the colder air each morning. Frost and then ice on the dock in the early hours makes one move with caution.

The Rockies Rowing Club’s last regatta was at the end of September in Idaho and the rowers performed well.

Josie Schmidt a student at the College of the Rockies rowed with Dylan Jones in a Mixed 2x and they finished their race in 7:30 to bring home a medal.

In the Junior women’s quad the rowers completed the 1,700 m course in 7:59 for their first medal together. Pauline Kronenberg joined the crew of Josie Schmidt, Erienne O’Grady and Emily Sartorel for this race. Pauline is travelling through B.C. and she is from Germany where she happened to learn to row in high school.

The Masters Mixed quad (which is two males and two females rowing in the same boat) was rowed by Dylan Jones, Doug Engle from Palouse, Washington, Barb Fenwick and Roberta Rodgers. This International boat rowed the 1,700 m distance in 7:52. Average boat age was 60, Dylan being the youngest in the boat.

All seven rowers from RRC came home with some great rowing experience and the reward of a job well done.

Spring will see us back on the lake to row for recreation and for competition. If you would like information about Learn to Row for the spring or about the club contact us at [email protected], follow us on Facebook or view our website.

Lead image: Junior women’s quad 4x (four rowers) Emily Sartorel, Pauline Kronenberg (from Germany), Erienne O’Grady and Josie Schmidt as they head up the Priest River to row 1,700 meters to the finish. Photos submitted

Pictured in the double 2x (two rowers) are Josie Schmidt and Dylan Jones after their race in the Head of the Pend Oreille regatta.


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