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Posted: May 13, 2020

Rotary Park summer music events postponed

James Neve

These are extraordinary times and the arts and culture communities in Canada and around the world have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social gatherings, concerts and large events have been curtailed in many places including here in the East Kootenay.

We offer our profound sympathies to those who have lost loved ones and those who have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the Premier of B.C. and the Chief Public Health Officer provided clarity regarding social gatherings such as concerts. They have indicated that the key to allowing large social gatherings will now be a widely available vaccine against COVID-19 and no large gatherings will be allowed until that time.

As a consequence, Summer Sounds 2020 and the Peak Music Festival 2020, in Rotary Park, Cranbrook are now postponed indefinitely.

Despite being optimistic about a July 4 opening, and the planning and booking that the Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society has done to date, these decisions and the regulations prevent us from going forward at this time.

We apologize to the performers, artists, vendors and sponsors but these events are beyond our control and we support everyone in their efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent it from taking hold in our communities, the performing artists and patrons of Summer Sounds 2020 and Peak Music Fest 2020.

If you are an artist or group booked to perform at Summer Sound 2020 or Peak Music Festival 2020 you will receive a personal message from us.

We are engaged in planning possible alternatives and hope to offer a virtual future while we continue to all do our part to end the pandemic.

Remember: Wash your hands, keep your distance, wear a mask if you need to and be patient with all. We are in it together and we will get through it together.

James Neve – President – Fisher Peak Performing Artists

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