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Posted: June 17, 2022

Sam Steele Days’ chair buttoned to hoosegow

You know things are getting real at Sam Steele Days when the chair of the committee that puts the whole event together lands in the hoosegow for not wearing a festival button during the EK Realty fundraising barbecue.

Pictured above: ‘Sheriff’ Jason Wheeldon jails Sam Steele Society chair Carrie Schafer June 17 in downtown Cranbrook.

Schafer claimed to be on the hunt for buttons when Wheeldon, ever merciless, corralled her. However, upon hearing Schafer’s pleas and begging, after her husband (fearing jail himself) refused to come to her aid, the Sheriff cut her loose on the promise to score buttons tout suite.

This annual Sam Steele Days Friday barbecue, along with pancake breakfasts June 16, and other barbecues in the city, signal the start of the weekend festival.

The St. Eugene Grand Parade begins around 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning (June 18).

Please click here to see the full schedule of events for Sam Steele Days 2022.

Sheriff Wheeldon snags another buttonless one and negotiates her release.

Ian Cobb/e-KNOW photos


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