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Posted: July 10, 2020

Sculpture stolen from Alley Gallery

Cranbrook Arts this afternoon (July 10) reported on social media that a sculpture has been stolen from its Alley Gallery.

The sculpture has a “head similar to this one (pictured above) but with a very distressed expression. This Paul Dawkins sculpture belongs to Cranbrook Arts and has been part of our Alley Gallery for four years,” Cranbrook Arts said on Facebook.

Cranbrook Arts said it would like the sculpture returned and asks the public to keep an eye out.

“If you see a sculpture resembling this one please let us know it’s whereabouts. Preferably we hope to see it returned, no questions. Over the years we have been so pleased with how this little area has been respected. We allowed the sandwich board, steps and fibreglass pieces to leave but we would like this sculpture back.”

Cranbrook Arts photo


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