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Posted: July 26, 2017

SIP continues to work for seniors

Seniors in Partnership (SIP) is a standing committee of the United Way East Kootenay. It was started by a group of passionate volunteers who identified that Cranbrook and the surrounding area have so many wonderful services for seniors, but no central point to obtain information.

Representatives from Better at Home, BC Community Response Network, CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons), Joseph Creek Family Council, COSTCO, Cranbrook Rotary and the United Way all came together with a united vision of ‘Promoting independence and quality of life for our seniors.’

In 2016 the committee was awarded a Community Initiatives grant through the Columbia Basin Trust. The funding allowed them to hire a Seniors Navigator who could carry out some of the work the committee was hoping to achieve.

Since the committees existence they have accomplished an asset mapping of services available to Seniors in Cranbrook and Kimberley and compiled a Seniors resource directory which is available digitally. The resource guide was compiled in collaboration with community stakeholders and was provided to the Cranbrook Social Planning Society for the information to be hosted on the http://cranbrookclicks.com/cbkclks/ website.

Another achievement was partnering with the Cranbrook Community Response Network, the two groups partnered in facilitating a Community Discussion called: ‘Money for Seniors.’

This partnership also hosted a community information Session called Seniors Protecting Seniors at the Cranbrook Seniors Hall with an expert panel of professionals from the community discussing the different areas of adult abuse. The event was well attended and brought awareness to the important topic of adult abuse, neglect and self-neglect.

Seniors Meeting Seniors was started in January of 2017 as a partnership between SIP and the Cranbrook Seniors Hall. The idea was sparked by a Statistics Canada report released in 2012 which addressed the importance of socialization for Seniors, the report concluded that the greater the number of frequent social activities, the higher the odds of positive self-perceived health, and lowering the odds of loneliness and life dissatisfaction. The countless benefits of socialization for seniors leads to a better quality of life. Ten events were held, each with a focus on socialization and providing information to seniors about resources and services available in this community. All seniors are welcome to attend.

In June 2017 SIP Partnered with the BC Responsible Gambling program to host two events called: Seniors Celebrating Canada. Both events had a focus on celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. Students from Mt. Baker’s Leadership class attended the events and provided great opportunity for intergenerational learning and sharing.

In the fall, SIP will continue the work they have been doing including Seniors Meeting Seniors meetings twice a month at the Cranbrook Seniors Hall. They have also been awarded a grant to provide Life Kits to Seniors. Life Kit promotion will include education and awareness of what a Life Kit, emergency preparedness, and the value to first responders. If you are a senior and would like to obtain your free Life Kit, please join us at any one of our ‘Seniors Meeting Seniors Events’ at the Cranbrook Seniors Hall to obtain your FREE life kit!

For more information, please see your events section of your local newspaper or contact: Carey Henry, Seniors Navigator. Phone: 778-517-5123 Email: [email protected]


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