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Posted: December 26, 2020

Steeples students showcase a great giving spirit

It was an extremely busy and giving lead-up to the Christmas season for Grade 1 and 2 students at Steeples Elementary School in Cranbrook.

Teacher Kelly Henderson had her students thanking the Salvation Army, singing for seniors at Kootenay Street Village and Lions Mountain View Village and showing their thanks and gratitude to those working at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

“We wrote a letter to Salvation Army to thank them for the lunches they provide. Students created bark rubbings on our forest walk.  We took a group photo in a heart formation… and created a collaborative artwork we could give as thanks,” Henderson said.

“Students greeted the Salvation Army volunteer at the door.  A grade one student read a letter we wrote.  Students sang their class Christmas song.  The best part was the responses that came from the kids.  Many were jumping up and down saying it was so much fun to give a gift and that we needed to write to more places in our community and say thank you! Success!”

Mrs. Henderson’s Grade 1-2 class and Mrs. Wilson’s Grade 1 class went to Kootenay Street Village before Christmas.

They sang Christmas carols in front of a fair sized audience who gathered to listen.  The kids loved that their audience joined in the singing and clapped along.  Students hung ornaments on the tree. Our students are filled with enthusiasm to spread joy and kindness all year round!

Steeples Grade 1/2 students delivered their letters and painting to East Kootenay Regional Hospital in gratitude for the hard work they do for our community. Teacher Kelly Henderson, far left, and EA Chantel Hewitt is in the red coat.Above is a collaborative artwork…all students wrote hospital workers a letter. Kids are trying to make a heart shape for our collaborative artwork.  Students made tree rubbings on a hike in the forest for the remainder of the picture.

Lead image: Students present a gift to the Salvation Army for the lunches they provide schools.  Photos courtesy Kelly Henderson


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