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Posted: May 18, 2022

Teagan Lee is Cranbrook’s 2022 Water Smart Ambassador

Cranbrook’s water conservation public education campaign moves into full swing for the summer season after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, with the announcement of Teagan Lee as the city’s 2022 Water Smart Ambassador.

The Water Smart Ambassador has been an integral part of the water conservation program for over a decade. The Ambassador role is designed to help residents understand the importance of outdoor water conservation, while helping them get the most out of the water they do use through the warmer months. In the end, reducing outdoor water use also helps reduce the city’s costs in treating and transporting water to homes and businesses.

“I am excited to be in this role to help spread the news about how we can positively impact our city and the beautiful landscape surrounding us,” said Lee.

The early focus of the Water Smart Ambassador will be to promote water conservation through education and games with school-aged children, in partnership with School District No. 5. However, the remaining summer months, the Water Smart Ambassador will focus on more community-wide public outreach and education, along with door-to-door information sharing across the city including details on the rain barrel rebate

For more information about the Ambassador program and the city’s overall water conservation, including outdoor watering days and times.

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