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Posted: January 30, 2021

There, but for our fortunate circumstances, go we

Letter to the Editor

Seems Cranbrook is not ready to commit to a temporary homeless shelter.

Although the proposed facility and BC Housing support are in place, there is great reticence at rezoning the potential location to make it happen. Fortunately, for us lucky ones, the zoning issue can be kicked down the road to delay further action on the shelter decision indefinitely.

We can’t really take a chance on helping folks that have now or may incur future unsavoury difficulties.  Cranbrook has been quite supportive of other ventures and needs that can be supported and solved with volunteerism or cash donations. But we hesitate here because of fear of the unknown.

These people are in dire need and we should jump in to help. After all, it would be a temporary venture, and if it does not work out an alternative location could be found in the Community Forest where those with special needs and support will be “out of sight-out of mind.”

We do not want these people with special needs on display, for it might corrupt our youth and remind us daily of our fortunate circumstances (with a sense of guilt). I say we should go for it and get it done.  Those in need will appreciate that, and we will also unless we are too small-minded to see the benefits for all of us.

It seems a worthwhile endeavour to help others in need and we should not be too particular about judging those needs. It’s a shame to have folks wandering around town, not sure of where they will sleep or eat from day-to-day. There, but for our fortunate circumstances, go we.

Jack Loeppky,


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