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Posted: October 7, 2017

Uncertainty about labour position

Letter to the Editor

I work at Safeway where the employees are members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1518. Our union is a great big one that covers retail employees, food factory employees, and old folks helpers.

We are going to be bargaining for a new, or newish, collective agreement with Safeway soon. The problem is that, in my opinion, the employees have no confidence in the leaders of our union. It feels like there is a common sentiment that the union leaders are making deals without consulting the employees, even going so far as to take away our ability to make submissions about what we want like we used to do. It is a real shame because many of us have been big supporters of the union.

Our union leader right now is Kim Novak. I will withhold judgment on a personal level, but we sure haven’t seen anything that looks like a real union fight with the company in a long time.

Our benefits just get rolled back and rolled back.

Tobias Bilke


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