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Posted: December 8, 2020

Warm weather causing over-ice flooding at Idlewild

Recent warm weather is causing flooding over top of the ice on Idlewild Lake and the City of Cranbrook is pleading with park users to please stay off the ice until further notice.

The ice is not considered safe. The ice must be at least 10 inches thick before it is considered safe to use. Until that time, the public is asked to please not walk or skate on Idlewild Lake or any other local water body. Thin ice is dangerous both to people and pets. Please talk to your children about avoiding all water bodies this time of year.

Meantime, city crews are working hard on the outdoor skating rinks this week at both Baker Park and Pop Price Park.

We will monitor all ice conditions regularly and once both Idlewild and the outdoor rinks are safe to use, we will make a public announcement. Please remember that all outdoor rinks will operate under provincial COVID guidelines. If the guidelines are not being followed, access could be restricted or the rinks closed to public use altogether.

It is vital to remember that during the COVID pandemic, you are responsible for deciding on whether you choose to participate or to use these spaces.

Remember that no matter which activity, you should abide by these general guidelines:

  • stay home and away from others if you are sick;
  • following physical distancing by keeping at least 2m apart from others;
  • practicing good hygiene by washing hands before and after visiting amenities;
  • be self-sufficient and carry your own hand sanitizer/wipes;
  • keeping your circle small. Keep your group limited to members of your household;
  • no congregating in groups and no large group activities;
  • wait your turn at a safe distance and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the facilities.

City of Cranbrook

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