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Posted: September 8, 2022

Water Flushing Program resumes

Public Works water crews will resume their annual uni-directional water flushing operations today, in the area from 1st Avenue South to 11th Avenue South between 15th Street South and 19th Street South.

Residents may notice cloudy water for a short time after the flushing is done. It is important to know that this discolouration is not a public health concern. If you find your water is cloudy, please simply run your cold-water tap until the water runs clear.

The annual water main flushing program plays an essential role in addressing many issues within the potable water distribution system. Through a series of planned valve openings and closures, our crew is able to move water in a single direction at high velocities. This high velocity scouring of the water main removes sediment, scale and biofilm, which greatly improves water quality and lowers chlorine demand.

Find more information about our annual uni-directional flushing program.

We appreciate your understanding while this important work is completed.

City of Cranbrook

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