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Posted: February 18, 2018

Whitewater Cooks coming to Cranbrook

Meet, Greet & Eat with Shelley Adams at Soulfood

Shelley Adams

Besides supporting food-focused entrepreneurs with a rentable commercially approved kitchen, Farm Kitchen is also committed to enhancing the local food industry. What better way to do bring the community together and celebrate food than with national bestseller Shelley Adams.

Farm Kitchen is excited to be hosting Shelley, author of the Whitewater Cooks series Feb. 23 from 5-6:30 p.m.

The first Whitewater Cooks book shared the secret recipes from Fresh Tracks Café at the Whitewater Resort in Nelson. Since its first release in 2005 this series has become a national favourite. With over 200,000 copies now sold, the Whitewater Cooks brand has become known nationally for simple, healthy, delicious and foolproof recipes, many of which have become standards in Canadian households.

“For every home cook who’s entertained using Shelley’s recipes, there’s a table of guests so impressed with the meal, that each has immediately headed off to their nearest retailer to purchase their own copies of these amazing cookbooks. The proof is literally ‘in the pudding.’”

The fifth and latest book does not disappoint, Whitewater Cooks more Beautiful Food is full of new recipes to inspire fans and once again turn home cooks into culinary rock stars.

Farm Kitchen will have books for sale with all proceeds going towards the purchase of kitchen equipment and tools. A signed copy would make an awesome gift for any aspiring or seasoned foodie. Shelley’s innate flair for creating and developing recipes will not disappoint.

To continue the night, Soulfood has also partnered with Farm Kitchen and is providing a three-course Whitewater inspired meal. Ten dollars from each guest will also go back to Farm Kitchen. Combining these amazing recipes with an equally amazing restaurant is sure to provide a wonderful experience. As expected, the meal portion of the night is already sold out. You can still get in on the fun as Soulfood will also be serving a Whitewater inspired dish throughout the day.

For more information about Farm Kitchen and its services, or to see other upcoming events, please visit our website at

Submitted by Sophie Larsen, Kitchen Project Coordinator,
Community Connections Society of Southeast BC

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