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Posted: October 14, 2018

Working toward a strong, sustainable city

By Jordan Fiorentino

Op-Ed Commentary

Coming from a five-generation Cranbrook family, I truly care about this city.

It is my hope that my children (and their children) will love Cranbrook as much I do and will want to settle here. For my family, and yours, I want to see Cranbrook continue to grow and flourish! As the largest urban centre in southeast British Columbia – literally surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes, and golf courses – Cranbrook is already an amazing place to work and play – an ideal city to call home.

After graduating from Mount Baker Secondary School, I completed an apprenticeship at the British Columbia Institute of Technology while working as an automotive technician for Northstar Motors. Since then, I have worked my way up to my current position of Operations Manager. This position has given me experience that I believe will serve me well on city council.

I am confident that I have the strong fiscal knowledge and problem-solving skills required. In my positions with Northstar, I am part of a high-volume, customer-focused environment. I believe this experience will prove helpful as I strive for satisfaction and transparency for the citizens of Cranbrook.

My deep Cranbrook roots date back to the late 1920s when my great grandfather chose Cranbrook and established a new home for his young family. Now my wife and I are raising our two young children in Cranbrook. My family story has led me to see ‘the big picture’ and inspired me to step forward and run for city council so that I may have an opportunity to work toward a strong, sustainable city now and in the future.

As I see it; Cranbrook needs further economic development, increased housing for all income levels, and population growth. To fall short on any of these goals will inhibit the success of the others. I am encouraged that the current council is laying a robust foundation in community development. My goal will be to move this development forward in a smart and responsible way that benefits all citizens.

Jordan Fiorentino is a City of Cranbrook council candidate in this week’s (Oct. 20) municipal election.

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