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Posted: November 3, 2021

29 regional organizations receiving gaming grants

Twenty-nine East Kootenay arts and culture and sports organizations are receiving B.C. community gaming grants.

The province announced last week it is supporting more than 650 not-for-profit arts organizations with approximately $18.2 million in Community Gaming Grants to provide a range of programs and services to support people as B.C. moves toward economic recovery. People can participate in diverse arts and cultural experiences, from performing arts, music and media arts programs, to Indigenous and cultural events.

The Community Gaming Grants program is also providing more than $24.9 million for more than 700 not-for-profit sport organizations. These groups organize a variety of activities for people, such as swimming, lacrosse, soccer, hockey and Special Olympics.

“Activities that engage people of all ages to play sports, enjoy arts programs and celebrate cultural festivities are at the heart of B.C.’s thriving and resilient communities,” said Josie Osborne, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “Community Gaming Grants continue to provide critical funding for these community-based programs that support British Columbians and help them make strong community connections.”

Local arts and culture organizations are receiving support from this round of funding, including: Symphony of the Kootenays Association ($19,200); Cranbrook and District Arts Council ($16,500); Cranbrook Archives, Museum and Landmark Foundation ($43,900); Cranbrook Community Theatre Society ($10,000); Fernie and District Historical Society ($10,000); Columbia Valley Arts Council ($29,000); Kimberley Arts Council – Centre 64 ($14,000).

And local sports organizations are also receiving funds, including: Cranbrook Amateur Swim Association ($18,000); Cranbrook Bandits Baseball Club ($6,000); Cranbrook Curling Club ($15,000); Cranbrook Lacrosse Association ($6,720); Cranbrook Minor Ball Association ($30,000); Cranbrook Minor Hockey Association ($60,000); Cranbrook Skating Club ($20,000); East Kootenay Volleyball Club ($13,500); Key City Gymnastics Society ($55,400); Fernie Alpine Ski Team ($30,000); Columbia Valley Skating Club ($24,500); Peaks Gymnastics Society ($19,350); Invermere District Curling Club Society ($21,400); Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club ($6,250); Windermere Valley Ski Club ($10,500); Columbia Valley Swim Club ($18,000); Kimberley Alpine Team Society ($17,950); Kimberley Curling Club ($18,000); Kimberley Gymnastics Society ($28,600); Kimberley Minor Hockey Association ($23,500); Kimberley Skating Club ($14,000); Sparwood Skating Club ($10,700).

In total, more than $43 million is going to support local organizations in B.C. through these Community Gaming Grants.

Up to $140 million of gaming revenue benefits has been given to 5,000 organizations that the Community Gaming Grants program supports.

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