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Posted: February 27, 2021

A dilemma for the shipping industry (a parable)

Letter to the Editor

If all the leaky ships had their holes plugged, there would be massive unemployment for those people whose job was to bail water out of those ships.

Then there are those communities whose entire economy is based on the manufacture of buckets. What to do – do you destroy an economy and kill jobs? Could you change your focus and have the bailers retrained as ship’s crew for the more efficient and functional fleet, with the community developing an economy based on ship maintenance and logistics?

Imagine the stress of having to change the way of life for yourself and your community. Would it be a good strategy to set up protests, contact your elected representative and ask for financial help to keep your economy and jobs intact?

Rather than a mirror to reflect on the past, could it be worth looking out your window to the possible futures you can make?

Ron Robinson,


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