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Posted: October 10, 2019

A few points as we head to the polls

Letter to the Editor

The science is clear: climate change is a global emergency that affects us all and we have limited time to act.¬† This is Canada’s¬†last federal election¬†before it’s too late for real positive change. Vote with care.

Carbon pricing and eliminating fossil fuel subsidies are critical incentives for moving to a low carbon economy.¬†The Conservatives intend to cancel the price on carbon for consumers, and won’t commit to eliminating subsidies. Projections show that the Conservative climate plan overshoots Canada’s commitment to the Paris Agreement well beyond other parties. (The Green plan is the only one that reduces carbon emissions below the Paris Agreement.)¬† The Conservatives are not interested in talking about helping the average family, worker and individual to transition to a low carbon economy.¬† Perhaps many years ago this was party was fiscally responsible, and had the hard working Canadian in mind,¬† but the times have changed and it has not kept up.

Fiscal responsibility must include assigning value to the basic requirements to sustain life. The longer support for transition is delayed, the harder it will be. And Canadians will go down too.

In Kootenay-Columbia Riding, Stetski (NDP) and Brynne (Green) are the climate champions. This is based on the comprehensive strong Green Party plan and collaborative cross sector experience for Abra.  And for Wayne, this is based on LeadNow consultations which demonstrate his non-partisan commitment in line with a Green New Deal, as well as potential for winning this riding.  Polls show the NDP have the most likelihood of winning this riding after the climate inattentive Conservatives. So given our limited first-past-the-post electoral system, I will vote strategically for the NDP.

Stetski is a strong climate advocate and has proven himself as a hardworking MP who has also defeated a Conservative candidate in this riding in the past.¬† The polls show he can do it again.¬†On Oct 21, I’m voting NDP: Stetski, and encourage those in support of responsible fiscal and social climate policy to consider doing the same.

Sue Cairns,


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