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Posted: December 7, 2022

A magical cosmic happening tonight

By Dan Hicks

Cold Moon Occults Mars, Geminid Meteors, Asteroids, and Incoming Comets

Marsopposition is tonight (December 7) and coincidentally, our Cold Moon (December full moon) occults the bright 1.8 magnitude Red Planet; the fourth planet will disappear on the moon’s upper left edge and reappear from its mid right edge (Mars’ Cranbrookian path approximates that shown for Seattle – highlighted in lunar occultation diagram below/ left and right are from observer’s perspective).

Our moon advances upward to the left as it orbits our Blue Planet, its apparent downward to the right sky trajectory results from our planet’s rotation. Binoculars will assist your fully enjoying a momentary cosmic connection via this delightful double-feature astronomical phenomenon, transpiring during convenient evening hours (most unusual).

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