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Posted: October 15, 2019

An open and honest Kootenay-Columbian

Letter to the Editor

How could anyone make the assumption that Rob Morrison, with his distinguished service career, could have been in two places at one time?

The idea that he could work to protect our freedoms (through his work as a diplomat for example) from his home in Kootenay-Columbia is absurd. When he was serving our country in the Middle East after 9/11 he was not in Creston, where he lived with his family and worked throughout the late 1970s and ‘80s. When he was working with various levels of government to establish policing models within all communities throughout our riding he was not in Nelson, where he lived throughout the ‘90s. And when he was serving to protect our freedoms as a diplomat in Islamabad he was obviously not in the Kootenays.

His LinkedIn profile is an open and honest account of a Kootenay-Columbian, a loyal Canadian, who spent his life as a public servant working to keep us safe.

If Mr. Morrison wasn’t one of us why ever would he choose to march as a decorated RCMP Officer in the last 38 of 40 Remembrance Day parades in Creston?

The fact, as inconvenient as it might be to the NDP and Liberal candidates, is that Mr. Morrison’s roots go extremely deep across the full width of our riding and he understands Kootenay-Columbia better than any candidate on the ballot. His home is here, his heart is here and he will do an exceptional job representing all constituents in the riding because he understands the issues that we face.

The NDP and Liberal candidates, in an act of last-minute desperation, have attacked a decorated public servant by using his time abroad – his service to our country – against him. The memory of towers falling and planes being diverted to Newfoundland is burned into the memory of many and it is appalling that 18 years later our NDP Member of Parliament so willingly disregards the sacrifices made by the men and women, Mr. Morrison amongst them, who heeded the call to protect us.

The lone candidate who has remained above this dirty political snafu is Abra Brynne and she should be acknowledged for her integrity. She is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dirty orange and red swamp of political tricks and deception. While it might not fit the shameful narrative that the NDP candidate has constructed, one thing is crystal clear – Mr. Morrison is one of us.

Mr. Stetski – please show us your leadership capacity by owning a mistake when you make one and apologize to Canada’s service men and women, the good people of this riding and to Mr. Morrison. While you think through this blunder that you have created for yourself please do take a moment to look through the following facts about the man (Rob Morrison) you say is not one of us.

– Learned to drive in his teens at the Dutch Creek Campground in the Columbia Valley.

– Arrived in Creston with his family to live in 1977.

– Two children born at Creston Hospital, both learned to skate at the Rec Centre.

– Coached the Sr. Boys high-school volleyball team at Prince Charles Secondary School.

– Moved to Nelson in 1996 where he was in charge of Highway Patrol and Anti Smuggling investigations for all of Kootenay-Columbia.

– Marched in full dress (RCMP) in the last 38 of 40 Remembrance Day parades (Creston)

– Has lived in Nelson, Cranbrook, Creston and now again in Creston.

– After retiring he started a security consulting business with a specific focus on serving customers in the Kootenays.

– His Elections Canada Poll #: 193 (Creston).

I wrote Mr. Morrison’s bio and I will concede, Mr. Stetski, to missing the application of a comma in the first line that has clearly been the cause of so much heartache for you and your Liberal colleagues. I would like to thank the individual who submitted the letter, questioning ties to the riding, for his glowing review of the Conservative candidate’s service career.

Voters in Kootenay-Columbia aren’t easily fooled sir and this political ploy of yours has fallen short of its desired objective. I’ll be voting for integrity on October 21.

Chris Bird,

President, Kootenay-Columbia Conservative Association

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