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Posted: July 18, 2021

Area restriction in effect for Dewar Creek

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The BC Wildfire Service has implemented another Area Restriction Order for the vicinity of the Dewar Creek wildfire.

The area restriction reflects the continued need to protect the public in areas where ongoing fire suppression activities are taking place.

The order is currently in effect, and will remain in effect until 12 p.m. on September 15, or until rescinded.

The orders apply to Crown land within the geographic boundaries described below and outlined in the map.

Dewar Creek wildfire (N11960), originated 36 northwest of Kimberley:

Commencing at 49 km Dewar Forest Service Road. Following along the height of land to Mt. Patrick. North to the St Mary’s Alpine Park Boundary.

Follow the parks boundary northwest then north until the boundary turns west towards Wesley Creek.

The restriction continues west along the park boundary until the height of land east of the St Mary’s River.

It then turns south along the height of land until Armour Peak, then turns southeast along the height of land and ties back into 49 km Dewar FSR.

BC Wildfire Service map


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