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Posted: February 18, 2021

Army engineer training exercise upcoming near Creston

Creston residents may hear explosions

Between February 19 and 21 soldiers from 44 Engineer Squadron, in Cranbrook and Trail will be conducting a training exercise on Lower Kootenay Band lands approximately four km southwest of Creston.

Approximately 50 soldiers from 39 Combat Engineer Regiment, including members from the Lower Mainland will be taking part. Military personnel, vehicles, and heavy equipment will be housed at the newly renovated Cranbrook armoury at 2500 Cranbrook Street on Friday and Saturday night. The armoury will also be used to provide logistics support to the exercise, provide space for planning, and serve command and control functions.

Residents may see military vehicles moving through Cranbrook on Highway 3/95 over the weekend.

During the exercise soldiers will be applying their winter operations skills and will be practicing bridge surveying and design, milling lumber, and training with explosives.

The unit has been invited to use the area by the Lower Kootenay Band and their work will support a wetlands restoration project that the Band has been working on for several years.

Creston area residents may hear between three and five loud explosions over the course of the day and possibly into the evening on Saturday.

Given that the explosions will be several km from Creston, the noise is expected to be moderate and will not cause any damage. The noise will not be heard in the Cranbrook area. The area being used is an unpopulated marshy field. Military personnel will be located at certain locations on dirt roads and trails during explosive work to ensure people do not accidentally enter the area.

Major Nils French,

Commander, 44 Engineer Squadron

Stock photos courtesy of DND

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