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Posted: January 11, 2020

Ask Trump why 57 Canadians tragically died

“Perceptions,” by Gerry Warner

Op-Ed Commentary

These are surrealistic times we’re living in. And dangerous.

What else can you say when an American president blithely orders the murder of a foreign general with the blasé explanation “he was a bad guy.”

You’d think this was a dog-eared script for a Hollywood B movie meant to titillate the masses or a spaghetti western where a dark stranger wearing an eye patch gets gunned down on main street for violating the purity of the sheriff’s s daughter. Or maybe the beheading of a lout for urinating on the flag.

But no, no. It was just Orange Face having a bad hair day again. He’d almost twittered himself to death that painful day with dark thoughts about impeachment and his unwavering certainty that one way or the other “Crooked Hillary” was behind the nefarious plot and former President Obama put her up to it and VP Pence was too busy reading the Bible to even notice.

And just then as his little hand brushed away a fly from the raw burger he was eating one of his sycophantic aides whispered in his little ear that one of his drones had tracked an Iranian general he had never heard of to Baghdad and had the evil monster in its cross hairs next to a magnificent mosque.

“What’s he doing there,” Trump twittered to himself. “Planning to kill millions of Americans and burn down our embassies, I bet. Well, we’ll see about that,” as he clapped his little pink hands. And the rest, as you know gentle reader, is history. Uncomfortably close history. Surreal history. Except it really happened though the details have been trifled with a bit.

It was said at the beginning of this piece we’re living in dangerous times. Can anyone deny that? We have a madman in the Oval Office. Can anyone say nay to that? A madman that eschews the gentle language of diplomacy for the “rhetoric of “fire and fury.” A narcissistic madman, who is so unhinged that he would order the assassination of a foreign military leader just because he could do it and he knew damn well that no one in his brain-dead cabinet would have the guts, integrity or cojones to stand up to him. And they didn’t.

Where does this leave the rest of us seven billion or so? Twisting in the wind. That’s where and it’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling knowing the fate of the world is in Donald J. Trump’s little hands. Do I insult him? Yes, I do. Donald Trump is the emperor of insults and the least I can do is treat him in kind.

Trump acted on the spur of the moment. He always acts on the spur of the moment even when it involves the fate of the world. With whom did he consult? Melania? He certainly didn’t consult Congress. Who’s surprised by that? And when one of his grunts did brief a Congressional Committee the briefing was so spare and superficial that two Republican senators called the briefing “insulting and demeaning.”

And who can blame Iranians for regarding the Trumpian assassination of General Qassem Soleimani as an act of war? And who can be surprised that the Iranians retaliated with a war response of their own, but a response that even many Western observers are calling “measured.”

But this is where the real tragedy comes in because many Western observers also believe that it was one of the Iranian missiles fired at the American bases in Iraq that accidentally hit the Ukrainian jet killing all 176 onboard including 57 Canadians.

Please pardon the language, but I say to the asshole in the Oval Office those 57 Canadians were countrymen of mine and Donald J. Trump is directly responsible for their tragic deaths.

President Trump, when you pass from this mortal coil as we all certainly do, you better do a lot of praying because you’re going somewhere and it won’t be heaven.

– Gerry Warner is a retired journalist and he says if you don’t like the way he writes, too bad.

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