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Posted: December 22, 2020

Avalanche Canada thanks Teck for decade of support

South Rockies field team member Lisa Larson engages with two snowbikers in the field. This outreach is an important part of the team’s work. Photo by Jennifer Coulter.

Avalanche Canada is celebrating 10 years of Teck sponsorship that has helped transform avalanche safety. Teck’s unwavering commitment to public avalanche safety has made a real and lasting difference to the lives of backcountry recreationists in the mountains of southeastern B.C. and southwestern Alberta.

“Teck is one of our most important sponsors,” said Gilles Valade, Executive Director of Avalanche Canada. “Over the years they have contributed a total of $840,000, allowing us to develop and deliver effective and stable programs for the South Rockies and Flathead regions. Teck demonstrates true corporate responsibility, caring for their employees and their community.”

“We are proud to have been supporting Avalanche Canada for 10 years and want to congratulate them on the excellent work they do to help keep backcountry users safe while enjoying the outdoors,” said Dallas Cain, Health and Safety Manager at Teck Resources.

Teck’s sponsorship led directly to the creation of the South Rockies field team. This team gathers snowpack information that is used to produce the daily forecasts for the South Rockies and Lizard Range/Flathead regions. Team members also play a vital role in fostering a culture of avalanche safety in the region, through in-person meetings and their highly popular social media feeds.

“Backcountry avalanche safety in our community has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the partnership between Teck and Avalanche Canada,” added Nicole Matei, Executive Director of the Fernie Snowmobile Association. “The South Rockies field team has earned a great deal of respect from snowmobilers thanks to their friendly and entertaining approach to outreach. We are so grateful to Teck for their proven commitment to the safety of this community.”

Lead image: The 2020-21 South Rockies field team, from left: Leslie Crawley, Lisa Larson, and Jennifer Coulter. Photo by Leslie Crawley

A member of the Avalanche Canada South Rockies field team gathers important snowpack data that is used to produce daily avalanche forecasts for the region. Photo by Jennifer Coulter.


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