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Posted: December 1, 2020

B.C. health authorities accept report findings

Letter to the Editor

On behalf of all B.C. health authorities, we accept the ‘In Plain Sight: Addressing Indigenous-specific Racism and Discrimination in B.C. Health Care’ report findings on Indigenous-specific racism and discrimination in B.C.’s health system.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health, we commit to implementing all recommendations within our responsibility to lead, and further commit to partner and support implementation of all others. We will undertake this work together with, and be guided by, Indigenous health and community leaders.

The report’s first finding bears repeating – Widespread Indigenous-specific stereotyping, racism and discrimination exist in the B.C. health-care system. To the generations of Indigenous peoples who have lived these experiences, and those who continue to face harm, we apologize for our actions and our inaction in righting wrongs. To health authority Indigenous employees and physicians, we apologize to you as well for the impacts you have experienced.

We want to reinforce that racism has no place in our facilities, programs and services, or our society.

We have tremendous appreciation for reviewer Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond (Aki-Kwe) and her team for their work, and the almost 9,000 indigenous peoples and health-care workers whose courage to share their stories and experiences help shape this critically important report and blueprint for change.

Te’ta-in (Sound of Thunder) Shane Pointe – the Knowledge Keeper for this important report – has called upon all involved in B.C. health care to “bring dignity to those who have not been afforded it”.

The absolute clarity of these words and what the words mean to those who receive care in our facilities, and through our programs and services, describe the work in front of us. As leaders in health-care service delivery, and as collaborative partners in creating a healthy society for all we have the privilege to serve, this is our responsibility and our accountability to you.

Issued jointly on behalf of B.C.’s health authorities:

Dr. Doug Cochrane and Susan Brown  – Board Chair & President & CEO – Interior Health

Jim Sinclair and Dr. Victoria Lee – Board Chair & President & CEO – Fraser Health

Leah Hollins and Kathy MacNeil – Board Chair & President & CEO – Island Health

Colleen Nyce and Cathy Ulrich – Board Chair & President & CEO – Northern Health

Eric Harris and Fiona Dalton – Board Chair & President & CEO – Providence Health Care

Tim Manning and Benoit Morin – Board Chair & President & CEO – Provincial Health Services

Dr. Penny Ballem and Vivian Eliopoulos – Board Chair & Interim President & CEO – Vancouver Coastal Health

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