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Posted: September 1, 2020

Battle continues against growing Doctor Creek wildfire

BCWS photo

Other fires in region all considered under control

BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) Sept. 1 reports the battle continues against British Columbia’s largest wildfire in Doctor Creek, 25 km southwest of Canal Flats.

As of 9 a.m. this morning, the fire is an estimated 6,117 hectares.

There are 163 firefighters, five helicopters and 14 pieces of heavy equipment attacking the fire today.

“Ground crews are cooling the perimeter of the fire in areas of reduced fire activity and in areas where planned ignitions have occurred. They also continue to work on containment along the south and east flanks of the fire,” BCWS reported this morning (Sept. 1).

“A sprinkler system has been established in the north gully. Heavy equipment continues to build guard in the northwest and southwest areas of the fire. Steep and rocky terrain in some areas along the east flank is limiting options to contain the fire in that area, but planning is underway to address these concerns. Crews are supported by aviation resources as needed.

“Crews continue to assess and fell damaged trees that are posing safety challenges to firefighting personnel in work areas and along roadways.”

Local forecasts call for increasing winds this afternoon and overnight. Looking a few days ahead, a ridge is expected to form on Thursday and Friday. Winds will diminish resulting in poor smoke dissipation in the area, BCWS said.

“No structures are currently threatened. Structure protection systems are in use near the fire as a precautionary measure. Some structure protection units are being removed in areas where they are no longer necessary.”

An area restriction is in effect for the Doctor Creek wildfire. The area restriction begins at the junction of Highway 93/95 and Findlay Creek Road, south and west following the Skookumchuck Creek Forest Service Road to Buhl Creek, northwest following the height of land to Doctor Peak, continuing north to Mount St. Maur, east following the Dutch Creek drainage, then south following Highway 93/95 back to the point at the Highway 93/95 and Findlay Creek Road junction.

The lightning-caused fire was discovered on August 18.

As for the other five East Kootenay fires still being noted by BCWS: the Crahan Creek near Sparwood is under control at .17 ha; the Moyie River fire near Lumberton us under control at .6 ha; the Booth Creek fire near New Lake is under control at 3.1 ha; the Stirton Road fire Marysville is under control at 3.5 ha; and the Bruce Creek fire near Wilmer is under control at 1.3 ha.

BCWS map showing current location of the wildfire.

Lead image: A BCWS firefighter takes on the Doctor Creek fire. BCWS photos


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