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Posted: August 2, 2021

BCWS pushing back on Bill Nye wildfire

BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) today reports its firefighters managed to save a structure threatened by an excursion of the Bill Nye Mountain wildfire and hold the fire near Lazy Lake Road, about seven km southeast of Wasa.

“On Monday, work continues to secure control lines along the northwest perimeter of the fire near Lazy Lake Road. Once that is complete, heavy equipment will return to work on control and contingency lines along the north flank. Helicopters continue to fly personnel to monitor growth and fire behaviour on all flanks, and provide bucketing to support containment within control lines,” BCWS noted.

On Sunday, firefighters, supported by heavy equipment and helicopters, successfully contained an excursion that occurred when the fire crossed the Lazy Lake Road during a period of high winds overnight Saturday.

“Control lines are established around the excursion, which is less than 10 hectares, and it is now being held. Structures that were under threat were successfully protected and earlier work to remove fuel adjacent to powerlines along the road protected that infrastructure. A planned ignition on Sunday evening successfully removed fuel from a 72-hectare area near the Lazy Lake Road, reducing the risk of the fire spreading closer to structures,” BCWS reported.

Personnel continue to monitor the burn for potential spotting. The area saw some precipitation overnight Sunday.

Discovered Thursday, July 8, the fire is now an estimated 2,955.0 hectares.

BCWS says ongoing challenges include: extreme slopes, heavy concentrations of fuel, poor access, poor visibility due to heavy smoke and a significant increase in fire size.

“Cloud cover has increased humidity and cooled temperatures across the Southeast Fire Centre. Temperatures Monday are expected to range from the mid-20s to mid-30s, with light winds and a low risk of thunderstorms and wind gusts in some areas in the afternoon. Tuesday is expected to be warmer with humidity dropping again and the possibility of thunderstorms and gusting winds in the afternoon.

An evacuation order and an evacuation alert are in effect in the vicinity of this fire.  An Area Restriction in the vicinity of this fire is in effect.

Today there are 64 firefighters, three helicopters and 14 pieces of 14 heavy equipment tackling the blaze.

The Tanglefoot Creek fire, discovered July 16 about 15 km southeast of the Bill Nye fire, remains out-of-control and has grown to 393 ha.

Crews work on the Mineral Creek wildfire on Monday, July 26. BCWS photo

BCWS reports it is getting a hand up on the other Wildfire of Note in the East Kootenay, stating it will be removed from the Wildfires of Note list today, Monday, August 2.

Located 25 kilometres southwest of Invermere, the Mineral Creek fire is estimated to be still 103 ha.

Fire activity has remained largely stable.

An area restriction in the vicinity of this fire remains in effect.

The Dewar Creek wildfire in St. Mary Alpine Provincial Park remains out-of-control but holding at 58 ha.

BCWS today reports no new fires.

Lead image: Map showing extent of Bill Nye excursion, creeping up to Lazy Lake Road. e-KNOW file photo


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