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Posted: January 19, 2018

Check RDEK public hearing notices on e-KNOW

“I didn’t know about it.”

“We weren’t made aware of this.”

“If there was better communication…”

Ask any Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) or municipal politician and they will tell you they hear such statements at many of the public hearings they attend.

Reaching the public to inform them about need-to-know business is always a concern of local governments and changing times dictates new ways of doing things.

The East Kootenay is a large and vibrant regional district, with thriving electoral areas spaced between its eight municipalities. Spillimacheen, Brisco, Edgewater, Dry Gulch, Wilmer, Panorama Mountain Resort, Toby Benches, Windermere, Fairmont Hot Springs, Skookumchuck, Sheep Creek, Tata Creek, Wasa, Fort Steele, Meadowbrook, St. Mary Lake, Wycliffe, Wardner, Bull River, Jaffray, Baynes Lake, Kragmont, Grasmere, Elko, Morrissey, Cokato, Coal Creek, Hosmer, Elk Prairie, Corbin, Gold Creek, Mayook, Monroe Lake, Lumberton, Moyie and more all fall under the regional district’s governance.

In an effort to help reach more rural residents and inform them about zoning, planning and other bylaw matters, the RDEK is now utilizing e-KNOW’s Public Hearings page.

“As property and business owners, you are wise to stay informed about what is happening around you. We hope you begin looking to e-KNOW to get the goods on legislative matters and public hearings that directly impact you. The more lead time you have before a hearing, the more research you can do and the more effective the hearing will be,” said e-KNOW editor Ian Cobb.

The Public Hearings page is located in the upper right quadrant of our home page, beside Events, Obituaries, Contests and Flyers/Services. It is available on our desktop and digital formats.

Click Public Hearings and it will take you to a page showing upcoming public hearings in the East Kootenay.

At this time there are five upcoming public hearing notices, for bylaws relating to Electoral Area E, Wasa and area, Baynes Lake area and Steamboat/Jubilee Mountain area.

See our Public Hearings page.


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