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Posted: November 8, 2020

Clovechok and Shypitka victories confirmed

Elections BC today reports the final count for the 2020 Provincial General Election is complete in every electoral district in the province.

At the conclusion of final count the election results were as follows:

Political Party Members elected
BC Green Party 2
BC Liberal Party 28

Locally, Columbia River-Revelstoke incumbent Doug Clovechok (BC Liberals) is confirmed re-elected with 7,034 votes (48.03%).

Nicole Cherlet, BC NDP candidate received 5,708 votes (38.97%) and BC Green Party candidate Samson Boyer captured 1,904 votes (13%).

Tom Shypitka (BC Liberals) is also confirmed as re-elected in Kootenay East, pulling in 9,897 votes (57.9%), ahead of BC NDP candidate Wayne Stetski (5,400 votes/32.17%) and BC Green Party candidate Kerri Wall (1,697 votes/9.93%).

Voting results for each electoral district by party and candidate are available on the Elections BC website at results.elections.bc.ca.

Lead image: Doug Clovechok, left, and Tom Shypitka, middle, with BC Liberals leader Andrew Wilkinson. e-KNOW file photo


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