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Posted: April 11, 2019

Council supports Kootenay-wide ICBL proposal

City of Cranbrook council April 8 gave its endorsement to a proposal to consolidate the existing Inter-Community Business License (ICBL) partnership with the City of Kimberley and expand it to include participating municipalities (up to 25) throughout the Kootenays.

Created in partnership with local governments, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Province of British Columbia, ICBL partnerships streamline and simplify the licensing process, making it easier to do business in participating communities.

ICBLs allow mobile businesses (e.g. contractors, caterers, and other service providers) to operate across the participating government jurisdictions, without having to apply for multiple businesses licenses.

Consolidating existing ICBL partnerships into a Kootenay-wide ICBL will build on the success of existing ICBL programs and expand on the number of participating communities, further supporting small businesses, reducing unnecessary administrative burden, increasing compliance, fostering positive inter-community partnerships and displaying business friendliness.

The Kootenay-wide partnership will also better address the substantial degree of businesses that are not complying with business licensing regulation.

Provincial analysis indicates that only 276, or eight per cent, of mobile businesses in the Kootenays purchased multiple licenses, which suggests substantial lack of compliance, even considering the four different ICBL programs already in place, a city Office of Innovation and Collaboration report outlined.

“Provincial analysis also indicated that the Kootenay-wide agreement would reduce unnecessary administrative burden for businesses holding multiple licences by 56%,” the report noted.

January 1, 2020 is the target date for the Kootenay-wide bylaw to take effect.

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Lead image: Cranbrook and Kimberley Mayors Lee Pratt, left, and Don McCormick, have spearheaded the ICBL. e-KNOW file photo


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