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Posted: August 22, 2019

CPC government will make maternity benefits tax-free

Letter to the Editor

Many Canadian families spend over $10,000 or more on their babies’ first year. Surprised by how quickly the costs add up – diapers, car seat, crib, and toys – new parents are often confronted with a tough reality.

To make sure that parents can enjoy taking care of their newborn, and less time worrying about the bottom line a new Conservative government will make maternity benefits tax-free.

On August 20, at a Toronto-are childcare centre, Andrew Scheer spoke about he would remove the federal income tax from employment insurance (EI) maternity and paternal benefits. This means a Canadian whose salary is $50,000 would receive about $4,000 back from the government.

Life is expensive enough already without the government costing you more.

Justin Trudeau said he would help the middle class, but the last four years show that he is not as advertised. He raised taxes on 80% of middle-class families and brought in a carbon tax that makes everyday essentials more expensive.

Conservatives have a plan to help young families get ahead and keep more of their hard earned money.

Rob Morrison,

Conservative Party of Canada Candidate for Kootenay-Columbia

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