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Posted: February 6, 2020

Deadline for COTR scholarships and awards approaching

Key application deadlines are approaching for scholarships for current and new students

Application deadlines for scholarships at College of the Rockies (COTR) are quickly approaching.

Students joining the college for the first time in fall 2020, have until March 31 to apply for Entrance Scholarships. Current college students can apply for internal scholarships until February 28 or for Irving K. Barber scholarships until March 31.

“As a single mother I worry about managing finances while also trying to balance full-time school, part-time work, and having quality time with my son,” said Kristi-Lee Norcross, Bachelor of Science in Nursing student. “Being chosen as a recipient of the Irving K. Barber and Canadian Federation of University Women scholarships was not only a great honour, but helped me to worry less about finances and devote my time to more important and valuable aspects of my education and my life. I am forever grateful.”

Over $50,000 in Entrance Scholarships are available to first-time students entering into a full-time program at the college in fall 2020. These scholarships range from $500 up to two full years of tuition. Some entrance scholarships are awarded for academic achievement, while others are for a specific career focus, like the skilled Trades.

Close to 90 internal scholarships are available for current college students, ranging from $250 to $1500. Current students may also apply for external awards like the Irving K. Barber transfer scholarships. Irving K. Barber scholarships, valued up to $5,000, are awarded to students who have completed one or two years of study at the college and who will be transferring their credits to another institution to complete a degree. Irving K. Barber Indigenous Awards are also available for Indigenous students pursuing post-secondary education in B.C. The application deadline for Indigenous Awards is April 24.

“Internal and entrance scholarships exist because local donors believe in College of the Rockies students and want to help remove financial barriers to their post-secondary education,” said Jason Colombo, Registrar. “The application process for these awards is simple and the benefits make it worth any time and effort involved. I strongly encourage all college students to apply.”

More information about scholarships can be found by searching Financial Aid at cotr.ca.

Lead image: College of the Rockies’ Registrar, Jason Colombo, encourages students to apply for Entrance, and other scholarships, before the upcoming deadlines of February 28 and March 31. COTR photo

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