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Posted: October 18, 2019

Desperate times in Mr. Morrison’s campaign?

Letter to the Editor

It was a long-time Conservative party member who came to me months ago and asked me if I knew where Mr. Rob Morrison was from. He asked because he said a group of Conservative supporters had met with Mr. Morrison, and Mr. Morrison told them he was from Cranbrook, and they all knew he wasn’t from Cranbrook. I told him I had no idea where he was from.

Over the next few months many people asked me the same question, including other Conservatives, and I gave them the same answer, don’t know, not something I am interested in pursuing.

Once the writ dropped, CBC contacted me to do an interview on their morning show. One of the questions I was asked by the interviewer was if I had heard the rumours questioning where Mr. Morrison was from and how long he had actually lived in the riding. My response was yes, I certainly had heard the rumours and, if Mr. Morrison agreed to do an interview for the morning show, they, might want to clarify it with him.

I assume from Mr. Morrison’s personal attack that they did ask him. His personal attack on me is interesting  since at the debates that Mr. Morrison chose to attend (he missed several) he always started by saying he would never attack another party, he was only there to talk about himself and his platform.

This is not about men and women in uniform, for whom I have always had, and always will have, total respect – just ask our veterans, our military, our Border Security Officers, and our RCMP, who I advocate for on a regular basis.

This is about Mr. Morrison, and given the circumstances outlined above, I would say he brought any questioning from constituents on himself.

Desperate times in Mr. Morrison’s campaign?

Wayne Stetski,

Kootenay-Columbia NDP candidate (and MP)

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