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Posted: November 21, 2021

Elk Valley Physicians speaks to vaccines for children

Finally, we will have COVID-19 vaccines for children aged five to 11 (and everyone else older than that of course).

To summarize this topic:

  1. In the early days of the pandemic, COVID was ‘easy’ on kids for the most part.
  2. As the pandemic has progressed and variants emerged, it is not so easy on kids anymore. There have been 1,951 people under the age of 19 admitted to hospital in Canada thus far.
  3. Vaccinating kids against COVID prevents three serious outcomes: Severe COVID (requiring hospitalization or ICU or death); Long COVID; and Multi-organ Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) – often fatal and occurs after the child appears to have recovered from COVID.
  4. Vaccinating kids against COVID reduces the spread of COVID in the community by increasing the overall percentage of people protected against COVID, thus helping prevent others from getting sick. Some children have lost a parent to COVID. Don’t let this happen again.
  5. The risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) is rare with the mRNA vaccine in children, and much more common with COVID infection. There have been 1.5 cases of myocarditis in 100,000 doses of vaccine given in children under age 19, compared to risk of myocarditis with COVID infection which is 45 cases per 100 000 kids. There is a male predominance for myocarditis with vaccine or with COVID infection. Learn more.

Click this link to see a comprehensive discussion of the data and process that led to approval of the safety of the vaccine for kids aged 5-11.

  1. The mRNA COVID vaccine for kids aged five to 11 is one-third the dose administered to the over 12 age group.
  2. We still don’t know the true long-term effects of COVID infection. Get vaccinated and prevent this from happening to you and your children.

Check out the latest national epidemiological data.

Get vaccinated: Register anyone aged 5 and older:



This piece was originally published this morning on the Elk Valley Physicians’ Facebook page.


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