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Posted: July 17, 2021

Evacuation Alert Issued for Lazy Lake Area

A precautionary Evacuation Alert has been issued for 53 properties in the Lazy Lake area as a wildfire continues to burn on nearby Bill Nye Mountain.

“An evacuation alert informs residents of the threat of a potential or impending danger. It is intended to give people time to gather things and prepare themselves so that they are ready to go should the situation worsen and an Evacuation Order is issued,” explained Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Information Officer Loree Duczek. “We encourage people within the evacuation alert area to put together important papers (like insurance papers), medications, valuables, supplies for children and pets, and other important items so that in the event things progress and they are asked to evacuate, they are ready to go.”

The alert area includes (see map below):

Lazy Lake;

Lakit Lake;

Holmes Road;

One property on Wildhorse Forest Service Road.

In addition to the residential properties, the Lazy Lake Recreation Sites and Trails BC Campground is included in the evacuation alert area. “If people have RV trailers or boats, now is the time to move them. If an evacuation order needs to be issued, the priority is getting people out, and RVs and boats will be left behind at that point,” explained Duczek.

Residents with livestock or large animals are encouraged to take steps now to find a place to relocate their animals.

“We need to stress that at this time, we have only issued an alert and now is the time to take steps to be prepared,” added Duczek.

The fire, which was sparked by lightning, has been made a Fire of Note on the BC Wildfire Service website www.bcwildfire.ca. Heavy equipment is being deployed today to assist with control efforts.

The Regional Emergency Operations Centre has been activated and an information line set up at 250-426-2188 or toll free 1-855-346-2188.

For more information on the stages of evacuation and tips on how to prepare in the event of emergencies, visit www.rdek.bc.ca.


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