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Posted: August 13, 2018

Evacuation Alert issued for one Yahk property

A lightning caused fire on the Canada/US border has prompted an evacuation ALERT for one property close to the Regional District of East Kootenay’s (RDEK) boundary near Yahk.

The Randal Creek Fire (known in the US as the Davis Fire) is burning on both sides of the border approximately 17km southeast of Yahk and is currently estimated at 865 hectares on the Canadian side. Ground crews were on site on the Canadian side August 12.

Although the alert only includes one residential property, the area is well used by campers and recreationalists. It covers portions of the America Creek Forest Service Road, Yahk Meadow Creek Road, and Cold Creek Forest Service Road along with portions of Hawkins Creek, South Hawkins Creek and Freeman Creek.

Campers and recreationalists are urged to follow local media reports and reliable information sources to stay informed about the status of the fire so that they are ready to leave should conditions worsen.

Neither Yahk nor Kingsgate are included in the evacuation alert at this time.


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