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Posted: February 6, 2017

Extreme avalanche risk alert for South Rockies

Not surprisingly, the ongoing snowstorm is making Avalanche Canada nervous.

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Avalanche Canada has issued extreme avalanche warnings for the alpine and treeline of terrain in the South Rockies, covering the Elk Valley and ranges east of Cranbrook and Kimberley. It includes the area where Highway 3 is currently closed due to avalanche concerns, between Elko and Fernie.

There is also an extreme avalanche warning for Waterton Lakes National Park.

“Avoid all avalanche terrain. It’s time to rein in your terrain choices to simple, no consequence areas. Better yet, stick to the ski hill. Avoid all overhead hazard as well – avalanches have the potential to run to valley bottom,” Avalanche Canada stated concerning the extreme warning locales.

The Lizard Range and Flathead, south of Fernie and Sparwood, are currently rated as having high avalanche risk.

“New snow is creating touchy storm slabs,” Avalanche Canada noted.

The Purcell Mountains, running from Golden south to the U.S. border is also rated as having high avalanche risk.


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