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Posted: September 23, 2016

Firearms amnesty locked and loaded for October

Public Safety and Solicitor General Minister Mike Morris Sept. 22 reminded British Columbians of the upcoming amnesty and opportunity to turn in any unwanted firearms, weapons and ammunition between Oct. 1-31.

For the month long amnesty, B.C. residents are encouraged to arrange for the pick-up of any documented or undocumented firearms and other weapons including restricted and prohibited firearms and weapons that have not been used for a criminal purpose, as well all forms of ammunition.

Under no circumstances should anyone deliver firearms, weapons or ammunition in person and instead are asked to call their local police on their non-emergency line to arrange for their unwanted items to be picked up by police.

“We know that firearms, weapons and ammunition are often stolen during break-ins. For those wondering how to safely dispose of their unwanted firearms like that rifle they inherited that is now collecting dust in the basement, this month-long amnesty is the perfect opportunity to keep a potentially deadly weapon or firearm from landing in the wrong hands,” Morris stated.

B.C.’s previous gun amnesty in 2013 produced 1,801 firearms, 155 other weapons and approximately 30,700 rounds of ammunition. The goal of the amnesty program is to ensure the safe disposal of unwanted weapons that could otherwise land in the hands of criminals, children or others, potentially leading to tragic consequences.

“The upcoming firearms amnesty is an important proactive public-safety measure and is an opportunity for British Columbians to determine if they still need or want the firearm, ammunition or weapon that may be in their care. We fully support the province’s work to organize this month long event and look forward to collecting even more weapons then in previous years,” said Chief Const. Les Sylven, president, B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police.

For more information about B.C.’s upcoming firearms amnesty.


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