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Posted: March 23, 2020

Golden Life outlines state of affairs around COVID-19

Letter to the Editor

It takes a Village to care.

In these unprecedented times, when our teams are all occupied with keeping our residents and staff safe, we must remember to pause to give gratitude to those putting in such valiant efforts. Their selfless dedication to protecting each other, our residents, our families, and our communities has not gone unnoticed. Each day our staff choose to work front lines, leaving their families, children, friends and loved ones at home, to ensure you and your loved ones are safe, loved and cared for. We are a family business built on a desire to provide the best life for our family and families like ours; and we could not be more honoured and privileged to have a team that lives this philosophy each day.

At this time, there are no known COVID-19 cases at any of the Golden Life Villages and we are acutely focused on keeping it that way through a strong prevention strategy. Our Village staff are working diligently with heightened cleaning procedures, monitoring Village access and conducting robust screening protocols to everyone coming in and out of our Villages. In addition, under the guidance of health authorities we have restricted access to essential visitors only.

We are compassionate to how difficult this will be for both residents and families so our team is implementing technological solutions to support continued family connection. We thank our families and residents for your support and patience as we maneuver through this challenging time.

Our executive, clinical, and management teams are meeting daily via teleconference and we are in constant communication with our health authority partners. A comprehensive resident and family handbook and communication updates can be found on our website at goldenlife.ca. In addition, we have a dedicated email, [email protected], and toll free number, (866) 466-0852, available to address any questions.

Once again, thank you to our Village teams for showing up each day to keep our Villages and seniors safe; thank you to our head office and management teams for your tireless work on ensuring the supports, systems and tools are in place to support our front line teams; and finally, thank you to our suppliers, health authority partners, doctors, and clinicians who continue to support us each day. Every day it grows more apparent that is does truly take a Village to care.

With Gratitude,

Celeste Mullin

Vice President, Golden Life

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