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Posted: September 12, 2021

Government actions not best practices

Letter to the Editor

This is a copy of a letter sent to several B.C. government MLAs. Re: Climate Action moving in the right direction

Although the CleanBC policy is intended to increase meaningful climate change action, at the same time B.C. continues to invest public money to help support the very sector whose processes and products are closely associated with anthropogenic climate change.

The 2020 joint report from the Royal Society and US National Academy of Sciences gives a very clear explanation of the causes and evidence for that climate change.

So far, B.C. has not had much success in reaching its own emission targets, which seems reasonable when support continues to be given to those very things that are producing the emissions.

It would be difficult to miss the news from the most recent IPCC Report.  All things considered, it seems the B.C. government is ignoring the science and actively moving in a direction that makes the situation worse.  Policies that are weak or slow to be implemented waste valuable time when dealing with an urgent situation.

I think most would agree that current government actions would not be considered “best practices.”  There is of course a remedy for all of this – aggressive, meaningful and measurable policies and regulations with very clearly stated outcomes that are regularly monitored and reported to demonstrate progress.

In the spirit of what has been written, I would appreciate a meaningful response that does not rely on form letters.

Ron Robinson,


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