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Posted: July 6, 2024

Hope for wildlife in B.C.

MLA Minute
By Doug Clovechok

For as long as I have been your MLA, I have been listening to constituents about concerns on wildlife management in Columbia River-Revelstoke and throughout the province.
BC United has announced a groundbreaking initiative to fund and reform fish and wildlife management in British Columbia, marking the largest commitment in the province’s 152-year history.

BC United pledges an unprecedented $100 million to revitalize declining populations of B.C.’s iconic species and their habitats. This funding is part of a larger, $200 million strategy developed by industry experts to sustainably manage the province’s cherished natural resources used for hunting, fishing, and viewing.

Our plan sets a gold standard for conservation, it ensures that future generations will enjoy and cherish B.C.’s natural beauty just as we do today. We are putting real value on our wildlife, and we are taking decisive, science-based actions to preserve our biodiversity.

BC United will establish an independent funding model, managed by a new agency that includes title holders and stakeholders. This model aims to maximize provincial funds by attracting support from NGOs, local governments, businesses, and through innovative means such as wildlife license plates and fines.

With this historic investment, we’re not just pledging funds, we are committing to a complete transformation in how we manage our natural heritage. This is about ensuring that every dollar from hunting and angling licenses is reinvested directly into the wildlife and habitats that make British Columbia so unique.

The initiative also addresses urgent threats such as Chronic Wasting Disease, invasive species, and wildfire risks, integrating these into a holistic approach that involves all sectors of society.

Moreover, BC United’s commitment extends to restructuring government oversight of natural resources. The plan includes centralizing fish, wildlife, and habitat management within a dedicated ministry, ensuring that sustainable practices are at the forefront of provincial governance and are not undermined by other resource-based legislation.

This isn’t just an investment in fish and wildlife. It’s an investment in the future of British Columbia. By reforming our approach to environmental management, we’re taking a critical step towards preserving our province’s ecological integrity and biodiversity.

Folks, our plan ensures future generations will enjoy B.C.’s natural beauty just as we do today.  

I want to hear from you about any concerns you have about this or any other issue. I read every email I receive. Please reach out to me at [email protected] or call my office in Kimberley at (250) 432-2300 or Revelstoke at (250) 805-0323.

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– Doug Clovechok is Member of the Legislative Assembly for Columbia River-Revelstoke riding

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